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Label Dispenser

Automatic Label Dispenser

ArgonStore.ca sells several label dispensers in Canada, each designed to make removing labels from a label roll much faster and easier. These machines accept label rolls and then peel a portion of the label off its backing, dispensing the label so that it can quickly be removed. Depending on the model you choose, some label dispensers will automatically advance the label roll once a label has been dispensed. Others advance by pushing a button or pressing a foot pedal.

Why Use a Label Dispenser?

Label dispensers are helpful when you need to quickly peel and apply labels. These compact machines have the labels ready and waiting for you. Label dispensers are ideal when you need to work with the same set of labels frequently, but not necessarily in high volumes (in that case, a label applicator might be a better choice).

For example, if you frequently ship fragile items, having a loaded label dispenser with “fragile” labels in your shipping area ensures that these labels are readily available when you need them.

Likewise, if you tend to produce small batches of products, such as handmade candles or soaps, that require labels, it’s helpful to have a label dispenser ready to go with your printed labels. After creating your products, simply reach over to your label dispenser and get your product label.

Many production lines use label dispensers to present labels to workers so that they can quickly remove the label and apply it to the product as it moves through the production process. This saves time, because you do not need to peel the label and apply. The dispenser will automatically peel and present the label so that it is ready to be grabbed and applied to the product in one swift movement. A label dispenser really speeds up label application to your products.

Which Label Dispenser is Best for Me?

Label dispensers are basically sold to dispense labels. So, you need to know what size labels you will be dispensing and what size cores those labels will be on. The wider the label, the larger the dispenser must be to accommodate its width. All label dispensers have a max. label width that they can support.

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Browse our selection of label dispensers available in Canada below. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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