Argon Gigabit PCI Ethernet Adapter with Managed PC Boot Agent

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Argon's ProG-2000 PCI Gigabit 32-bit Ethernet Adapter with Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA)/PXE Boot ROM included

Gigabit to the Desktop!

Simplifying Client Management. Centralized PC Boot Management for Lower Cost of Ownership with Argon Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA).

Comprehensive, multiprotocol (PXE, RPL, BOOTP, DHCP, NetWare), remote booting and prebooting features that enables centralized management of desktops PCs, Clients, file servers, embedded systems and network appliances.

Argon Technology's ProG-2000 delivers robust Gigabit transmission to your desktop at up to 2000Mbps. This adapter is designed with 32-bit bus master for intelligent Flow-control, high throughput and low CPU utilization. Therefore, it can run on intense network applications quickly and inexpensively with most reliable performance.

With the design of Auto-negotiation and Auto-MDI-/MDI-X functions, this 10/100/1000Mbps adapter frees you from manually switching among 10/100/100Mbps and Full-/Half-duplex modes. In addition to being user-friendly, and hassle-free, this adapter is further equipped with centralized management to satisfy administrators’ wishes. Wake-on-LAN function allows administrators to power on any computer on the network at any time, even during off-hours, while Boot ROM function lets servers to boot diskless computers remotely.

• Checksum and Segmentation Task-offload 
• Support Wake-on-LAN and, and Flow-control 
• Realtek 8169 Controller 
• Support Layer-2 Priority Queuing, VLAN Tag and Jumbo Frame 
• Checksum and Segmentation Task-offload Reduce CPU Workloads for Enhanced System Response and Network Scalability 
• Compliant with Microsoft UPnP 
• Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA) Boot ROM Function Allows to Boot Diskless PCs Remotely 
• Support Flow-control, Layer 2 Priority Queuing, VLAN Tag and Jumbo Frame 
• Wake-on-LAN Technology Allows Administrators to Remotely Access Networked PCs 
• Auto-negotiation Intelligently Detects and Determines 10/100/1000Mbps and Full-/Half-duplex 
• Full-duplex Available in 10/100/1000Mbps and up to 2000Mbps at Full-duplex Mode 
• Auto-MDI/MDI-X Automatically Adjusts between Straight-through and Crossover Cables to Facilitate Installation and Troubleshooting