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Blank Thermal Transfer Labels — Ribbon Required

What is thermal transfer printing?

Thermal transfer is a digital printing process that uses heat and an inked ribbon to transfer ink to media. Using a thermal transfer printer, you can produce durable, long-lasting barcodes, retail tags, product labels, and more. The thermal transfer printer heats the thermal ribbon, which then releases and transfers ink to the tag or label. Ribbons are available with black or colored inks.

You’ll need to use thermal label stock and a ribbon to transfer text and barcodes onto your blank labels and tags. Argon Technology Canada offers a large selection of blank thermal transfer labels and tag rolls in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The thermal transfer labels listed below are made for thermal transfer printers and require the use of a ribbon (sold separately).

Note: Mobile thermal transfer printers generally use 0.75-inch cores. The small desktop thermal transfer printers take label rolls on a 1-inch core with a max outside diameter of 4 to 5 inches. The larger industrial thermal transfer printers take label rolls on a 3-inch core with outside diameters as large as 8 inches. If you’d like to use these larger label rolls with your desktop thermal transfer printer, you can order an external label rewinder for it.

Thermal transfer labels for Mobile printers > (Generally use 0.75-inch cores)

Thermal transfer labels for Desktop printers> (Generally use 1-inch cores)

Thermal transfer labels for Industrial printers > (Generally use 3-inch cores)

We carry the following types of thermal transfer labels:

  • Paper thermal transfer labels – Ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Polypropylene thermal transfer labels – Durable media with exceptional resistance to water and scratches
  • Polyester thermal transfer labels – Synthetic label material commonly used for industrial applications, barcodes, and product labeling
  • Vinyl thermal transfer labels – Durable and attractive material for crisp prints, vivid colours, and scratch resistance
  • UL Certified thermal transfer labels – Tested and approved to remain permanently affixed to UL items
  • Thermal transfer tags – Tags are similar to labels, but with the adhesive backing

We also offer custom sizes and shapes. Get a custom label quote here.

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