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LX3000 Ink Tanks by Primera Technology

Primera LX3000 Ink Tanks - Quality Printing Meets High Performance

Experience unparalleled quality and performance with Primera Technology's LX3000 Ink Tanks, featured on the Argon Technology Corporation's Canadian website, Our comprehensive range of products ensures that your Primera LX3000 color inkjet label printer delivers excellent results every time.

Primera LX3000 Dye Printhead - Consistent Precision

Keep your prints precise and vibrant with the Primera LX3000 Dye Printhead. Specifically designed for the LX3000 dye inks, this printhead ensures consistent print quality, bringing your labels to life with unmatched accuracy and detail.

Primera LX3000 Dye Ink Tanks - Bold, Vibrant Colors

Brighten up your label printing with our range of Primera LX3000 Dye Ink Tanks. Each color – cyan, magenta, and yellow – promises to produce intense, lively hues that make your labels stand out. Looking for convenience? Consider our multipack option, which includes one of each color, offering you a complete solution in one package.

Primera LX3000 Pigment Printhead - Enhanced Durability

Maximize the durability of your prints with the Primera LX3000 Pigment Printhead. Engineered for use with the LX3000's pigment ink system, this printhead ensures your chemical labels withstand the test of time, providing high-quality prints that resist smudging and fading.

Primera LX3000 Pigment Ink Tanks - Superior Resistance

Experience the difference with our Primera LX3000 Pigment Ink Tanks. These inks offer superior resistance to water, chemicals, and UV light, making them the ideal choice for GHS BS5609 compliant labels.

Complete Your Print Setup with LX3000 Labels

Pair your Primera LX3000 inkjet color label printer with our top-quality LX3000 labels. We offer labels designed specifically for use with dye inks, as well as LX3000 chemical labels for pigment inks. When used with the Primera LX3000 Pigment Ink Tanks, these chemical labels help you produce GHS BS5609 compliant labels, ensuring your labels meet the highest industry standards.

Argon Technology Corporation is your trusted partner for all your Primera LX3000 needs, providing the best products for excellent print performance and quality.