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SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons for SATO Barcode Label Printers

SATO barcode label printers are popular throughout Canada. For businesses using SATO thermal transfer printers, ribbons are required. SATO thermal transfer ribbons come in a variety of formulations, widths, and lengths. Here’s what you need to know about buying SATO ribbons in Canada.

SATO Ribbon Formulations

The first choice has to do with the ink type. Thermal transfer ribbons come in three basic formulations:

-   Wax — General purpose printing on paper labels.

-   Wax/Resin — Enhanced printing on coated paper labels. Crisper and more durable than wax ribbons.

-   Resin — Produces water-, oil-, and chemical-resistant graphics and text on synthetic labels.

Argon Technology has wax, wax-resin, and resin ribbons for SATO barcode label printers including enhanced and specialty ribbons, coloured ribbons, and metallic ribbons.

SATO Ribbon Sizes and Configurations

SATO ribbons come on cores with the ink coating side facing either IN or OUT. You’ll want to check your printer’s requirements to be sure you order the right configuration. We have ribbons for SATO barcode label printers in varying widths and sizes.

Argon Technology sells SATO ribbons by the carton. If you’d like to try before you buy, request free SATO ribbon samples to test them with your printer and barcode application.

We have SATO thermal transfer ribbons for the leading SATO printer models.

SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons for SATO Industrial Thermal Printers include:

  • SATO CL408NX thermal transfer barcode printers
  • SATO CL412NX thermal transfer barcode printers
  • CL424NX, CL424NX
  • CL608NX, CL612NX, (6.5” Printer)
  • SATO M10e 10.5” Printer
  • SATO M84Pro(2), M84Pro(3), M84pro(6)

SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons for SATO Desktop thermal printers incude:

  • SATO WS408TT, WS412TT,
  • SATO CG208TT, CG212TT, CG408TT, CG412TT,
  • CT408iTT, CT412iTT
  • Argox OS-214plus TT, X-2300ZE TT, CP-2140Z