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Datamax Ribbons for Datamax Barcode Label Printers

Datamax thermal transfer printers are popular in Canada. Businesses use Datamax barcode label printers along with Datamax thermal transfer ribbons to print crisp barcodes and logistics labels. Thermal transfer ribbons are consumables and must be replaced frequently. Argon Technology has a large selection of Datamax ribbons for use with Datamax barcode label printers.

What You Need to Know about Datamax Ribbons

Datamax thermal transfer ribbons come in several ink formulations:

-   Wax ribbons — These are the most economical ribbons for Datamax printers in Canada. They are intended to be printed on paper labels. Wax ribbons should be used for dry applications as water, chemicals, or oils can affect the wax.

-   Wax-resin ribbons — Wax-resin ribbons offer greater durability than wax ribbons and tend to produce crisper images on coated or smooth paper labels. They are also intended for dry applications.

-   Resin ribbons — Resin ribbons are the most durable ribbons for Datamax label printers and intended to be printed on synthetic label materials. Resin ribbons should be used if your labels will encounter water, chemicals, or oils.

There are also varying levels of durability within each category. We have Datamax thermal ribbons with specific characteristics including enhanced wax ribbons and textile resin ribbons as well as colored and metallic ribbons for Datamax label printers.

Thermal transfer ribbons are wound on 1-inch cores. Datamax thermal transfer barcode printers typically require that the ink coating side is would IN rather than on the outside of the roll. Thus, the labels listed below have the ink IN and will work with your Datamax barcode printer.

Argon Technology has Datamax ribbons in various widths and lengths. Make sure to check your printer’s requirements to ensure a perfect fit. We sell Datamax thermal transfer ribbons by the carton. If you’d like to test a ribbon before ordering a carton, let us know. We can ship free sample Datamax ribbons to locations across Canada upon request.