Label Slitter

Increase Label Production Efficiency with a Label Slitter

Print more labels faster and more economically than before by adding a label slitter from – your best source for all your label printing needs in Canada. With a label slitter, you can print two or more labels across a wider label roll at one time. Once the labels are printed, run the label roll through the label slitter and slit the roll into two or more printed label rolls.

By using a label slitter in this manner, you’ll increase the number of labels you can print an hour and make better use of your time and equipment. Buying wider label rolls is usually cheaper than buying two or more narrower label rolls. Thus, you’ll also reduce your per label costs.

Label slitters are ideal for use with digital color label printers that print onto wide 8.5-inch media web such as the Afinia L801, Edge 850, iColor 700 or NeuraLabel 300x. These are high speed printers to start with, and with a label slitter, can be optimized for maximum efficiency. Now you can use the complete 8.5” media web of these leading high speed color label printers to print multiple labels across the 8.5 inch media and then use the label slitter to slit and rewind them onto individual rolls final application. Browse the label slitters below or contact us to learn more.