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Afinia Label Ink Cartridges sells Afinia ink and toner cartridges and related accessories for Afinia Label color label makers to customers across Canada. Whether you need a complete set of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black Afinia ink or toner cartridges for your Afinia color label printer or digital label press or replacement parts such as a Memjet printhead, laser belt, or fuser unit, we’re happy to be of assistance.

Afinia Ink Cartridges and Replacement Print Heads

Each of the replacement Afinia ink cartridges listed below are OEM ink cartridges used by Afinia Label’s inkjet-based color label printers such as the Afinia L801, L701, or L901 Memjet color label printers, Afinia L501 dual purpose color label printer, or the Afinia L301 small business color label printer. All of the Afinia ink cartridges we sell are the standard replacement Afinia ink cartridges specified for your Afinia Label color label printer. We also carry replacement printheads and Memjet replacement parts for Afinia inkjet-based color label printers.

We’ve grouped our Afinia inks and associated replacement parts (such generic service stations, rollers, and replacement parts for the Afinia L801 and other Memjet-based color label printers) by model. Simply click your Afinia color label printer model number below to find its replacement inks or parts.

Afinia L301 Ink Cartridges— The Afinia L301 uses two ink cartridges, a black and a tricolor (CMY), to produce its colors. Having a separate black ink cartridge results in deeper blacks and conserves color ink. Afinia L301 ink cartridges are sold separately. Simply add whichever Afinia L301 ink cartridge you need (or both) to your cart.

Afinia L501 Dye Ink Cartridges and Pigment Ink Cartridges— The Afinia L501 color label printer can use either dye or pigment inks, both of which are available as individual cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink cartridges. Each set of Afinia L501 ink cartridges (dye or pigment) must be used with the corresponding dye or pigment print head.

  • Afinia L501 Dye Print Head — The Afinia L501 dye print head includes a complete set of dye cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink cartridges.        
  • Afinia L501 Pigment Print Head — The Afinia L501 pigment print head comes with a complete set of pigment ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

Afinia L701 Memjet Ink Cartridges — The Afinia L701 uses four large ink cartridges in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Each ink cartridge contains 150 milliliters of VersaPass DG inks in the selected colour.

Afinia L801 Memjet Ink Cartridges— The Afinia L801 Memjet label printer uses four individual large ink tanks containing 250 milliliters of cyan, magenta, yellow, or black ink.

Afinia L901 Memjet Ink Cartridges — Afinia Label’s L901 comes in two versions, the L901, which uses VersaPass DG inks, and the Afinia L901 Plus, which uses the newer VersaPass DN inks. VersaPass DG inks produce more vibrant colors while VersaPass DN inks offer better water and UV resistance. Argon Store carries both types of ink. These inks are not interchangeable, so select the inks specified for the model you own.