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VIPColor VP660/VP750 Ink Cartridges | Memjet Dye Ink Cartridges

Welcome to Argon Technology's Canadian store,! We are proud to introduce the VIPColor VP660/VP750 Ink Cartridges, powered by Memjet's cutting-edge technology. These ink cartridges are specifically designed to elevate your printing experience and deliver exceptional results. With enhanced water resistance compared to the standard VP610/VP700 inks, the VP660 and VP750 memjet inks are the perfect choice for businesses seeking durability and high-quality output.

Unparalleled Water Resistance: VP660/VP750 Memjet Dye Ink Cartridges

Experience the next level of water resistance with our VIPColor VP660/VP750 Memjet Dye Ink Cartridges. Memjet has taken their innovative technology to new heights by creating inks that provide superior resistance against water damage. With these enhanced dye inks, your labels and prints remain vibrant, sharp, and smudge-free even in challenging environments. Say goodbye to worries about moisture compromising the integrity of your printed materials.

Exceptional Print Quality: Elevate Your Branding

The VP660 and VP750 ink cartridges are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional print quality. Whether you're producing labels for products, packaging materials, or promotional materials, these ink cartridges ensure vibrant colors, crisp text, and stunning graphics. Your brand will make a lasting impression with professional-looking labels that captivate customers and stand out from the competition.

Versatile Compatibility: VP750 Label Printer

Looking for a label printer that combines efficiency, durability, and water-resistant printing? Look no further than the VP750 Label Printer. The VP750 is similar to its counterpart, the VP700, with one key difference—the enhanced dye inks. By equipping the VP750 with these superior inks, Memjet has created a labeling solution that excels in challenging conditions and industries that require water-resistant prints.

Unlock Your Printing Potential: Trust Argon Technology

At Argon Technology, we understand the importance of reliable printing solutions. That's why we proudly offer the VIPColor VP660/VP750 Ink Cartridges, backed by Memjet's expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Upgrade your printing capabilities and explore new possibilities with the VP660/VP750 ink cartridges. Shop now at and experience the power of Memjet's enhanced dye inks.

Elevate Your Printing Experience with VP660/VP750 Ink Cartridges

Transform your printing process with the VIPColor VP660/VP750 Ink Cartridges, engineered to provide exceptional water resistance and unmatched print quality. Choose as your trusted partner for all your printing needs. With our commitment to excellence and top-of-the-line products, we're here to empower your business and help you leave a lasting impression. Order your VP660/VP750 ink cartridges today and discover a new level of printing excellence.