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Horticultural labels and tags that can withstand the elements

Whether for a backyard, garden center, or plant nursery, it’s essential to identify all the plants and flowers. It’s not a big deal if you can’t tell those bushes apart, but it really is if you fail to inform your customers or employees about the chemicals these bushes have been processed with. What’s more, your customers hardly want to ask you about every plant they come across at your facility. That’s why you should label all your shrubs and flowerpots so that they feature easy-to-read information, including name, care guidelines, and fertilizers. As a well-stocked plant label supplier, Argon Technology will help you do that more easily and quickly.

With your own printers, you can bring any brand identity elements to the design of your horticultural labels and print as many tags and signs as you want. But first, stock up consumables at Argon Technology.

Here we have hanging basket tags, wrap-around labels, pot stake labels, and more. Some horticulture sign rolls come two-sided, so you’ll have enough space to specify basic plant information along with an image. Plus, all of them are made to withstand the indoor and outdoor effects that other media often falls victim to. Rain or snow, these labels can stand up to it without getting smudged.

Horticultural tags for sale: You’re in complete control

With a compatible printer, you can make a difference in selling your plants and cutting expenses. If you choose to buy horticulture labels, you can change your tags and signs without much effort on your part. While it can take weeks to get it done through outsourcing, you can rise to the challenge in no time and stay in control of your printing runs.

Even though horticultural labels come at a higher price than other media, their lifespan outweighs the difference. These labels can stay on your plants or other products for years, making for one of the most cost-effective identification solutions. That’s why horticulture sign rolls can minimize your overall printing costs in the long run.

The best horticultural labels for your business

Choose a label type and roll size for your business. Whether you need to print price tags, brief product descriptions, or barcodes, horticultural labels and tags with permanent adhesives can do the trick for your printer. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Horticultural labels can be shipped within one business day. Place your order!



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