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Overlaminate Film for Digital Label Printers & Label Cutters

Adding a layer of lamination to your printed labels protects them from UV light, helps improve durability and water resistance, and adds a smooth, glossy (or matte, if desired, for a thermal printable surface) finish for a professional look. sells label laminate films in 8.25” x 2500 feet rolls for use with popular label finishing systems.

Quiet vs. Loud Laminates

As you browse our selection of film lamination rolls for digital label finishing systems, you’ll notice that we carry “quiet” and “loud” laminates. What’s the difference? When being unwound, quiet laminate will be noticeably quieter than regular or “loud” laminates. Some manufacturers, such as Primera Technology with its FX1200 label finishing system, recommend the use of quiet laminates in their label finishing systems. The quiet laminates have a more expensive adhesive; therefore it does not make the noise the standard adhesive makes when the roll is unwound on the finishing system when its applied to the label material.

Laminate Film Rolls

Laminate film rolls either have a liner or are linerless. With linerless rolls, the film is wound onto itself and not on a separate liner that must be removed during finishing operations and then discarded.

The most common laminate film materials used in label finishing systems are polyester and polypropylene film. Polyester film laminate tends to be more expensive than polypropylene and with less yellowing over time.

Because laminates are intended for use in high volume label finishing systems, the rolls we carry are generally 8.25” x 2500 feet. However, we can cut the laminate rolls wider or longer to suit your needs. We can custom cut to your exact requirements.

Gloss vs. Matte Laminate Film Choices

Lamination strengthens and protects your finished labels while also adding a nice finish to them. Even if you use glossy media, the ink from some printers appears matte. By adding a glossy laminate to your labels, the entire label becomes glossy.

Matte lamination is also available, providing the same protections and durability to your labels but with a non-shiny surface.

We also sell matte thermal printable laminate film. This allows you to digitally produce your labels and then print a lot number on the label during final production on top of the label using a thermal transfer printer.

We are proud to carry the following laminate film products:

  • Qspac Selfwound Lamination – Offering both polyester and polypropylene selfwound lamination film, Qspac provides high quality products to the label, tag, and form industries. Qspac laminates are available in various film and adhesive thicknesses in both clear or matte finishes.
  • STA Overlaminates – STA offers a large selection of polypropylene, thermal transfer printable, and silicone release coated overlaminates including clear, heavy duty, super clear, matte, super smooth, and reinforcement options.
  • ACPO Self-Wound Overlaminate – ACPO offers a variety of self-wound overlaminate films made from polyester and polypropylene materials. Laminate variations include UV screening, easy release, removable, tag and edge reinforcement, and top-coated or non-top-coated polyester with PET liner.
  • Browse our selection of film laminates for your label finishing system now and contact us if you need any help.