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Seiko Smart Label Printers | SLP620 | SLP650 | SLP650SE

Introducing Seiko Smart Label Printers: Unleash Your Labeling Potential

Seiko SLP620 Smart Label Printer: Compact and Efficient / 203 DPI / USB

The Seiko SLP620 Smart Label Printer combines compact design with efficient performance, making it an ideal choice for personal or small office use. With a print resolution of 203 dpi, it ensures clear and crisp labels every time. Experience swift label production with a print speed of up to 2.76 inches per second. This versatile printer supports a maximum label size of 2.28 inches wide, providing you with ample space to create professional labels for various applications.

SLP650 Smart Label Printer: Advanced Labeling Solution / 300 DPI / USB

Take your labeling capabilities to the next level with the SLP650 Smart Label Printer. Boasting a print resolution of 300 dpi, it delivers sharp and detailed labels that are perfect for professional use. With a print speed of up to 3.94 inches per second, you can tackle label printing tasks swiftly and efficiently. This printer supports a maximum label size of 2.76 inches wide, giving you ample room to create highly informative and visually appealing labels for your business needs.

SLP650SE Smart Label Printer: Professional-Grade Performance / 300 DPI / USB / Serial Port

Designed for demanding labeling tasks, the SLP650SE Smart Label Printer offers professional-grade performance and exceptional versatility. With a high print resolution of 300 dpi, it ensures precise and high-quality labels that leave a lasting impression. Experience rapid label production with a print speed of up to 3.94 inches per second. This printer supports a maximum label size of 2.76 inches wide, allowing you to create comprehensive labels for various applications, from shipping labels to barcodes and more.

Experience the Power of Seiko Smart Label Printers

Seiko Smart Label Printers are designed to streamline your labeling process and empower your productivity. With the SLP620, SLP650, and SLP650SE models, you have a range of options to meet your specific needs. Enjoy high-quality printing, swift print speeds, and versatile label sizing, enabling you to create professional labels with ease. Choose Seiko Smart Label Printers for reliable performance and exceptional results.

Seiko SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE: Direct Thermal Label Printers for Effortless Labeling

Direct Thermal Technology: Ribbon-Free Label Printing

The Seiko SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE are all equipped with direct thermal printing technology. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of printing labels without the need for ribbons. Simply load your Seiko Labels, and these printers will efficiently produce high-quality labels with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of ribbon replacement and enjoy a seamless labeling experience.

Wide Selection of Seiko Labels: Tailor-Made for Your Needs

To further enhance your labeling capabilities, we offer a wide range of Seiko Labels compatible with the SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE printers. From address labels and shipping labels to file folder labels and barcode labels, our selection covers various applications. Choose the label type and size that suits your requirements, and experience precise and professional results every time.

Universal Compatibility: Works with Windows and Mac

Seiko SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE printers seamlessly integrate with both Windows and Mac computers via a USB cable. Whether you're using a PC or a Mac, you can easily connect and utilize these printers for all your labeling needs. No compatibility issues, no complications—just straightforward and efficient label printing.

Included Labeling Software: Design and Print with Ease

For added convenience, the Seiko SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE come bundled with labeling software. This software provides you with the tools you need to design and print customized labels effortlessly. Take advantage of various design features, fonts, and graphics to create labels that perfectly reflect your branding or organizational needs. With user-friendly functionality, you'll be able to create professional labels in no time.

Unlock the Full Potential of Seiko SLP Label Printers

Experience the seamless convenience of direct thermal label printing with the Seiko SLP 620, SLP 650, and SLP 650SE printers. Enjoy a vast selection of Seiko Labels tailored to your specific requirements, while the compatibility with Windows and Mac computers ensures universal accessibility. With included labeling software, designing and printing personalized labels becomes a breeze. Choose Seiko SLP Label Printers for a hassle-free and efficient labeling solution.