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Primera LX900 / LX910 Ink Cartridge stocks replacement ink cartridges for both the Primera LX900 and Primera LX910 color label printers for customers across Canada. Though the Primera LX900 and LX910 models are closely related, their ink cartridge systems are different. Primera LX900 ink cartridges are used in conjunction with a semi-permanent printhead while Primera LX910 ink cartridges feature an integrated print head.

Primera LX900 Ink Cartridges

We sell Primera LX900 dye ink cartridges in individual colors or as a complete set for customers across Canada. We also carry the Primera LX900 replacement semi-permanent print head. Each of the high yield Primera LX900 ink cartridges is an OEM part, and the standard dye-based ink cartridge used in the LX900 color label printer.

Pigment ink cartridges are also available for the LX900 and must be used with the semi-permanent pigment print head (sold separately). However, you’ll want to make sure to use pigment ink cartridges with LX910 labels which are intended for use with pigment inks. Do not use pigment inks with label materials intended for dye inks.

Primera LX910 Ink Cartridges

The Primera LX910 color label printer uses a single color ink cartridge. Choose either dye LX910 ink cartridges or pigment LX910 ink cartridges. Since the printhead is built into each LX910 ink cartridge, there’s no need to purchase a separate print head. The Primera LX910 dye and pigment ink cartridges can be used interchangeably. For best results, use with LX910 label materials designed for the desired ink type.

The Primera LX900 and Primera LX910 ink cartridges listed below are the standard OEM Primera ink cartridges for the Primera LX900 and Primera LX910 color label printers. 

When using LX900 or LX910 pigment ink cartridges, use only matte paper, matte polypropylene or matte chemical labels such as the LX2000 chemical labels. The pigment ink will not work on glossy synthetic labels like glossy polypropylene, polyester or the clear labels. We recommend that you first test with high gloss paper labels before purchasing large quantity.

We recommend the dye ink cartridges for the LX900 and LX910 printers for best results and they are compatible with a larger selection of label types.