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VIPColor inkjet labels: A real find for your VIPColor printers

Sometimes, a bottle or tin label can be more important than a product. Without the information it provides, your customers can’t make smart purchasing decisions in your favor. That’s why labels are so ubiquitous, and you can’t just feed whatever you see first into your VIPColor printers. The VP485, VP495, VP700, and other machines from this brand require specially made media. The good news is that you can easily buy VIPColor inkjet labels to match your ink cartridges and equipment at Argon Technology.

These labels can be applied for many labeling projects, from retail products to manufacturing. You can use them outdoors or indoors and rest assured that they won’t lose their vividness in the rain.  

What’s more, we carry labels for VIPColor printers that can be used to classify and label chemicals according to the GHS requirements. You can now print words, symbols, and signs to ensure compliance with your hazardous products.

What VIPColor inkjet labels are available?

This selection includes several types of VIPColor labels. In addition to GHS ones, you can opt for:

  • Glossy polyester, polypropylene, and BOPP labels

  • Matte paper and polypropylene media

  • High-gloss paper labels and tags

  • Die-cut and continuous label rolls

Die-cut labels for VIPColor printers are available in many shapes and sizes, from 1" x 1" to 8" x 8", for various printing runs with the VP485, VP495 GHS, and VP700. This range is extensive enough for everyone to find the right media for industrial or commercial uses.

Take your labeling to the next level with the best VIPColor inkjet labels supplier

Struggling with labeling your products with VIPColor printers? Whether it’s because you can’t find a supplier for bulk orders or you’ve never been offered a compatible media type, Argon Technology can make things simpler for you. Select the type and order blank labels for VIPColor printers online in any quantity.

We ship worldwide with well-known shipping partners. Just fill the order form and leave the rest to us to receive your VIPColor labels promptly. We do have a return policy, yet it doesn’t cover consumables. 

If you have questions on the types of VIPColor media or what size you should go for, we are always here to answer them. Dial +1-877-842-8486 (no toll charges for the USA and Canada). You’ll never be left disappointed when talking to or ordering from Argon Technology!