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Matrix Removal Device for Digital Label Printers carries matrix removal systems for removing the waste matrix from your digitally printed die-cut label rolls. Many users who print labels in-house prefer printing onto pre-diecut media with the matrix intact as doing so allows for overprinting with bleeds. However, the waste matrix will need to be removed prior to label application. A matrix removal system quickly removes the matrix and slits labels onto single rolls while unwinding the labels off of one core and onto another.

Waste Matrix Removal and Label Roll Slitting in One System

Our matrix removal systems will also split a larger label roll into smaller individual rolls while the matrix is being removed. This allows you to print two labels across a wider media web, rather than one, and then slit the roll. Thus, you can effectively double your label printer’s production and reduce your media costs.

We carry several matrix removal systems which can be added to one of our 8.5” wide digital label printers like the Afinia L801, iColor 700, Edge 850 and NeuraLabel 300x. When you combine our matrix removal system with one of our digital label presses or label printers, you can use the complete 8.5” media web and print all the labels with the matrix on. This allows you to print full bleeds with each and then remove the matrix and slit onto individual rolls for final application to the products via an label applicator or label dispenser.

Finance a Matrix Removal System offers a competitive financing program in Canada on matrix removal systems (on approved credit). Financing a matrix removal system allows you to spread out the cost of the system over time. Your monthly payments may even be tax deductible.

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