Label Applicators

Apply labels to your products more efficiently with a label applicator. sells several popular label applicator models including a flat surface label applicator, a single label applicator, and a double label applicator.

Why Use a Label Applicator?

Label applicators make the process of applying labels to products fast, consistent, and easy. Applying labels by hand is a slow, tedious process that often results in crooked or wrinkled labels. Applying labels with an applicator is much faster. With a semiautomated label applicator, you can apply labels to your products more efficiently and with better results than applying them individually by hand.

Simply place your printed label roll in the applicator, thread the labels through the system, place the product in the unit, and use the label applicator to apply the label to your product. Your labels will be applied straight and without wrinkles or creases.

Choosing a Label Applicator

Several types of label applicators are available. Flat surface label applicators are for applying labels to products with flat surfaces such as rectangular bottles, lids, boxes, tins, and bags.

For applying labels to bottles, the Primera AP360 label applicator is an excellent choice. This is a semiautomatic label applicator ideal for quickly applying labels to bottles, jars, and other cylindrical items.

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