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NeuraLabel printing labels that breathe durability

What labels you use often tells more about your product than an expensive marketing campaign. A poorly designed and printed one can shatter even the sought-after paint, agricultural chemical, or whatever you put it on. You don’t want to risk destroying the first impression as this botch-up may cost your business too much. That’s why Argon Technology has come up with a comprehensive range of NeuraLabel printing labels, proven to look perfect on your end products and withstand the effects of harsh uses.

NeuraLabel printers — and the 300x in particular — are great for applications that involve extreme conditions like those in the marine environment. But it all starts with what labels you feed into them.

If you’re looking to ensure GHS BS5609 compliance, we have NeuraLabel chemical labels that are just right. Select this type as you browse the catalog and use them on your GHS products with peace of mind. They are specially made to stand up to marine uses without losing their colors and shape. Besides, they are second to none when pairing them with pigment water-resistant inks and NeuraLabel’s HP PageWide technology.

Argon Technology will be delighted to serve as your NeuraLabel labels supplier of GHS BS5609 and continuous labels. Think of this collection as the ultimate source for all your label printing needs.

Save your money with NeuraLabel labels for sale

Available media options for NeuraLabel printers include labels supplied in rolls and fanfold carton packs. You can choose from standard and extra-large sizes, like 3" x 2" and  8" x 14" or replenish your continuous supplies and do the cutting on your own. Argon Technology only carries 100% compatible NeuraLabel labels for sale.

Our return policy does not allow for returns of consumables for NeuraLabel or any other printers. To ensure that you’re ordering what you expect, request samples to see if they meet your needs.

Plus, this is your opportunity to save. These NeuraLabel labels come with wholesale price tags that no other supplier can match.

Order NeuraLabel labels to wherever you operate

If you need NeuraLabel labels for tough conditions like saltwater or direct sunlight, stock up on them right here. Buy NeuraLabel labels at Argon Technology and label your products properly! We ship worldwide, and it usually takes several days for your media to arrive.

Can’t decide which labels will fit your project better? Contact us for assistance.