Afinia L301 Inks

Afinia L301 Ink Cartridges

The Afinia L301 colour label printer uses a tricolor (cyan, magenta, and yellow) ink cartridge and a black ink cartridge. The tricolor ink cartridge contains dye-based ink to produce vibrant colours while the black L301 ink cartridge contains pigment black ink for deeper blacks and better durability. By having two separate L301 ink cartridges for colour and black, the Afinia L301 is more ink-efficient than if it used just one. Rather than using coloured ink to create “process black” or print blocks of black text, the L301 has a dedicated black ink cartridge reserved for blacks and text. 

Each of the L301 ink cartridges listed below is the standard OEM replacement ink cartridge for the Afinia L301 colour label printer. Buy Afinia L301 ink cartridges from with confidence.

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