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Buy Afinia inkjet labels to have the most eye-catching labels for your products

Are you going with the L301 color label printer for cost-efficient label runs or the L801 to churn out a raft of product labels? Both printers allow for roll reloading and are compatible with quite a few label types. If you’re here to stock up on them to boost your products’ visual appeal, information accuracy, or packaging usability, shift your focus on this collection of Afinia inkjet labels at Argon Technology.

We partner with the top manufacturers of commercial and industrial label printers and parts. Here we carry a range of blank labels for Afinia printers to meet any business needs with many label and roll sizes. Whether you use the L301 color label printer or the L801 for your day-to-day operations, we can help ensure smooth print runs and minimize the cost per label.

Order label rolls that 100% match the design and printing capabilities of Afinia printers and benefit from $9.99 flat rate shipping throughout Canada and the USA. This fee remains unchanged, whether you choose one roll or several hundred rolls on a pallet for large jobs.

Business opportunities behind Afinia inkjet labels

Afinia has built up an unrivaled reputation, and so has its printing equipment. Reduced ink costs and smart designs make Afinia printers indispensable at production facilities. But the labels you feed into them are just as important. Load the wrong ones, and your media can ruin what your customers think about your brand and diminish what you’ve been building all this time.

To play it safe, you can get your labels at Argon Technology. We’ve made sure they are compatible with Afinia L301, L501, L701, L801 and L901 color label printers and can be used for low-volume and high-volume printing.

These labels have many uses. Most of those who order blank labels for Afinia printers from us fall into one of these business categories:

  • pharmaceutical and chemical companies

  • large, medium, and small retailers

  • food and beverage brands

  • beauty and healthcare companies

  • warehouses and distributors

This versatility is achieved thanks to many types of Afinia labels. They vary in length, material, color, heat resistance, and other specifications that may be crucial for your business.

Team up with the certified Afinia inkjet label supplier

Take your product labeling to the next level with Argon Technology. We offer field-tested labels for Afinia printers that won’t cost you top dollar. With these labels, you always have more opportunities to lower your cost per label and improve the efficiency of your printing runs!

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