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Zebra Printers

Zebra is a global leader in the barcode and label printing industry. They have been around since 1969, and are one of the most trusted names in their field. Zebra has printers that are perfect for any size business or individual looking to print labels quickly and efficiently. Whether you're printing up to 500 labels per day with a desktop printer, 1,500-5,000 labels per day with an industrial printer, or anything in between, Zebra has got you covered!

Zebra printers use thermal printing technology with both direct thermal and thermal transfer models available. The latest print engines include the next-generation ZE500 print engine, which is designed to keep mission-critical print-and-apply applications operating with no interruptions, and the ZE500R RFID print engine, which is RFID-ready for high-volume industrial applications requiring tracking.

Zebra printers come in mobile, desktop, and industrial models. Desktop printers use label rolls with a 1-inch core and can hold label rolls that have a 4 to 5-inch outside diameter (OD). Industrial Zebra printers use larger rolls with 3-inch cores and an OD of up to 8 inches. Mobile Zebra printers use even smaller label rolls and are designed for portable usage. Thus, mobile Zebra printers typically have rechargeable batteries and wireless connectivity.

In addition to using label rolls, Zebra printers can also print on continuous fan-folded labels. Fan-folded labels typically have a much higher label quantity, but they are not as easy to load or change out compared to using standard rolls.

Thus, fan-folded labels are often used with industrial Zebra printers, where customers are printing large quantities of labels and do not want to change out the label rolls as often. Businesses that generally print one standard label size for a given printer will benefit from using fan-folded labels.

Argon Technology has a large selection of Zebra printers in stock. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will help you find the exact Zebra printer that meets your specific label printing needs.