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Primera LX910 / LX900 Labels sells a large selection of Primera labels for the Primera LX900, LX800 and LX810 color label printer. All the labels listed for the Primera LX900 color label printer can also be used with the Primera LX800 and LX810 color label printers.  Please note that the High Gloss and Matte paper based labels are very popular because they are very economical labels to print for your products. The synthetic labels like the Polypropylene (BOPP) and Polyester are a bit more expensive but provide excellent water resistance and qualty of the label. You should test to see which label is best for your product.  We sell the Polypropylene (BOPP) labels in both the Matte finish and the Glossy shiny surface which has a High Gloss finish.

Primera LX910 and LX900 Labels

If you have a Primera LX910 or LX900 colour label printer, you need a reliable source for quality labels in Canada. Argon Technology is it. We have a large selection of labels for both the LX900 and the LX910 — all 100 percent compatible with these label printers.

Both the LX910 and LX900 have dye inks and pigment inks available for them. We highly recommend that you use the dye inks since they are compatible with all the glossy synthetic labels we have listed here. The Primera LX910 and LX900 pigment inks can only be used with the matte paper, matte polypropylene and the chemical labels. They are not compatible with any of the other materials like glossy polypropylene. The durability of the pigment inks will only occur when you use with matte label materials for these inks. We highly recommend that you test before purchasing large quantity of materials.

Choose from pre-die-cut and continuous label rolls in a variety of shapes, sizes, and label materials — with or without adhesive. LX900 labels without adhesives are known as tags.

Canadian businesses often use the LX910 / LX900 for printing chemical labels and require GHS BS5609-certified media for their printers. We have GHS BS5609 labels certified for use with the Primera LX900 and LX910 as well as a variety of synthetic and paper-based label materials for less intensive use cases (** in order to print GHS BS5609 labels you must use the Pigment Ink Only). No matter which type of label you are looking for, we are happy to send free label samples to your Canadian address so you can test them out.

Use the Primera LX910/LX900 Pigment inks with the following labels:

  • Matte paper, matte polypropylene
  • GHS BS5609 Chemical labels

Use the Primera LX910/LX900 Dye Inks with the following labels:

  • Matte and high gloss paper labels
  • Matte and high gloss polypropylene labels
  • Clear polypropylene and clear polyester labels
  • White, Silver and Gold polyester labels
  • All our Tags (high gloss and matte)

All the Primera LX910 and LX900 label rolls are on 3” core and have a 6” roll diameter. You can print labels up to 8 inches wide on these printers.

We also stock the Primera 53492 dye ink cartridge for the LX910

We stock the complete line of Primera LX900 ink cartridges

If you can’t find the exact LX900 / LX910 labels you need for a given application, let us know. We can provide you with a quote for custom LX900 / LX910 labels upon request.