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Digital label finishers for sale: Cut, laminate, rewind, and unwind with ease

Are all the cutting, slitting, and rewinding taking a great deal of your time? Incorporate a digital label finisher into your production line. This investment can make a difference in your labeling processes, helping you automate what you’ve been doing manually for ages. Run the numbers to calculate how much you can save.

With the Argon Technology label finisher supplier, you can choose from various finishers for your in-house labeling processes. Here you can get cutters, slitters, matrix removers, unwinders, and rewinders from Afinia Labels. Reduce the cost of pre-printing and post-printing operations!

Wondering what makes an ideal finishing machine for your case? Look for the one that offers flexibility in label materials and types and can automate the tasks your employees are currently doing manually. Also, make sure you can install it at your facility or hire someone who can do it for you.

Complement your digital label presses with label finishers for faster turnaround times

Looking for feature-rich systems to cut and finish labels like a pro? At Argon Technology, you can find label finishers to help you pull it off. Afinia DLF-220L, DLF-220S, DLF-140S and DLP-2100 are only some of the machines that await you here.

Once you pair your label printer with a finishing machine, you can easily cope with small to mid-volume label print production. That’s because these all-in-one systems ensure faster turnaround times as you no longer need to cut or rewind the old-school way. Spend less time doing the hard work and more time printing labels.

What’s more, you can now improve your quality control processes on low-volume label print runs. As finishers bring substantial time savings at the production stage, you can devote more time to checking your labels, tags, and barcodes.

Buy label finishers to keep your expenses down

Some of these finishers are equipped with optical sensors to optimize smooth synchronization and cutting speed. The ultra-precise cutting options allow you to save a pretty penny on dies, while built-in software enables you to switch and adjust finishing processes in a few clicks.

At Argon Technology, we leave no stone unturned to help you build a successful printing business. That’s why if you can’t afford digital label finishers for sale, you can take advantage of our lease option for a packaging printer for as long as you need it to. Monthly payment options are specified on the product page.


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