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Epson label makers from Argon Technology

Getting labels printed can be a huge problem if your work site does not have a label printer of its own. If you rely on a print shop for your labeling needs, you have probably already experienced problems such as smeared or running ink, misprints, or even incorrectly printed labels. Such mistakes can cause huge headaches for your business, slowing your operational efficiency. You do not have to put up with this anymore. With an Epson label printer, you can take control of your labeling and minimize mistakes that interrupt the daily routine at your work site.

What makes an Epson color label printer special?

These printers are unique because each device has select features and benefits that make it easier to run your business, such as:

  • Windows  drivers;

  • a standard one year warranty;

  • full capacity, multiple purpose ink cartridges;

  • ruggedness and durability;

  • USB ports and ethernet interfaces.

Our best feature, however, which you will only get if you buy an Epson printer from Argon Technology, is our Spare-in-the-Air deal. This is an extended warranty that can last up to three years depending on the plan you purchase. If a component in your machine fails, Epson will send you a replacement printer within one business day at no extra charge.

Affordable Epson commercial printers

Argon Technology has prices that can meet any budget, with devices as low as $99.00. In addition to our prices, we offer our customers nine dollar shipping if they reside in the United States or Canada. Not only will you be saving money when you make a purchase, but you will also be eliminating wasteful spending resulting from outsourcing labeling to a third party.

Why you should order Epson industrial printer today

As an industry leader in both the United States and Canada, we specialize in helping business owners and managers maximize the effectiveness of their operations. One of the ways you can optimize your work site is by purchasing an Epson printer from Argon Technology. Our sales team has the experience necessary to ensure that you get a device that will operate effectively in whatever environment you work. Contact our professional and knowledgeable representatives by phone toll-free or via our website if you are ready to boost your productivity. Get the right device for the job. Order a brand new printer today!