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Toshiba Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers

Toshiba thermal barcode printers are purpose built-for industrial barcode labeling applications such as:

-     General barcode printing

-     Product, carton, and pallet barcode printing

-     Healthcare, specimen, and prescription barcode printing

-     Shipping and route sorting barcode printing

-     Retail barcode printing

In short, if you need to print barcodes, consider buying a Toshiba thermal printer designed for barcode printing. These affordable thermal label printers have the features you need and are built to last. Both high volume and low volume barcode printing models are available.

Advantages of Using a Toshiba Thermal Label Printer for Barcode Printing

While inkjet and laser-based label printers can certainly be used for barcode printing, some applications, such as manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics, require a dedicated barcode printer. Affordable desktop models make it possible to dedicate a thermal printer for your lower volume barcode printing projects, too.

With a thermal printer, you can produce crisp, black barcodes on white thermal paper without ink or toner. This keeps costs low, while producing a clear barcode that does its job beautifully.

In addition, each Toshiba thermal label printer we sell is an incredible value with a low total cost of ownership. Toshiba offers several thermal label printer models specifically for barcode printing including two-, three-, and four-inch models offered in either thermal or thermal transfer configurations. Various network connectivity options, such as USB, parallel, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and wireless are offered. Toshiba also has a battery-operated portable thermal printer for barcode printing.

Browse our selection of thermal label printers from Toshiba below. If you need any help, please contact one of our barcode printing specialists for assistance.

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