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Direct thermal linerless labels: Say bye to liners

If you’re tired of liners, you’ve come to the right place to save your printing from those. Since they can’t be recycled and are a nuisance to store, liners often cause more harm than good. Fortunately, linerless labels are now available to replace their traditional adhesive counterparts and do your business a favor.

The idea behind these labels is quite simple: the adhesive on the reverse side and silicone on the top. A liner is eliminated as an unnecessary waste of resources and space. Without it, you can have twice as many labels on a roll.

These silicone-coated labels are synonymous with an array of end uses as you can stick them to virtually any surface. Plus, direct thermal linerless labels are chemical- and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for indoor labeling. However, they may not be suitable for complex-shaped products and thermal printers without platen rollers. You want to make sure you’re using a Zebra, Epson, GoDEX, TSC, or other linerless barcode printers that are compatible with linerless applications.

If you’re sure they are a good fit for your products, you can choose from linerless labels for sale that come in:

  • 2" x 85Ft 0.75"/2.5"OD

  • 2" x 375Ft 1.0"/5"OD

  • 3" x 375Ft 1.0"/5"OD

  • 3" x 85Ft 0.75"/2.5"OD

  • 3" x 850Ft 3.0"/8"OD

  • 4" x 85Ft 0.75"/2.5"OD

  • 4" x 375Ft 1.0"/5"OD

Linerless labels ship in cartons, with 4 to 36 rolls per one. They are also available in permanent adhesive and removable adhesive options. Consider getting a test roll to find the perfect fit for your printer.

These labels don’t fit regular labeling printers, so check if you have the necessary equipment. If you have doubts, call us at +1-877-842-8486 (toll-free in Canada and the USA). We’ll help you figure it out and advise on the size you need.

Linerless labels for sale: Win-win consumables for business and nature

Another benefit of linerless consumables is that they allow you to cut some costs and help save the planet. By buying linerless labels, you can save money on oversized shipping, avoid tinkering with liners, and store them more easily. At the same time, your print runs won’t produce this much waste so that you can do your bit for our planet.

That said, these labels may have limited shapes and sizes compared to other options. That means you should only order them if they are large or small enough for your products.

Argon Technology has been around as a linerless labels supplier for a long time. Let us help you bring a greener effect into your print runs and go liner-free as you place your order!