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Afinia L801 Memjet Ink Cartridges (Ink Tanks)

Afinia L801 Ink Cartridges (Ink Tanks)

The Afinia L801 Memjet colour label printer uses four large ink cartridges. Since the L801 ink cartridges contain 250 milliliters of ink, they are often referred to as Afinia L801 ink tanks. When at capacity (which is one cyan L801 ink cartridge, one magenta L801 ink cartridge, one yellow L801 ink cartridge, and two black L801 ink cartridges), the L801 holds 1.25 liters of ink.

The large Afinia L801 ink tanks contribute to the L801’s industry-leading ink cost savings and allow for large production runs without the hassles of frequent ink cartridge changes.

There are two different Afinia L801 models, the standard L801 and the Afinia L801 Plus. Each takes a different type of Afinia L801 ink cartridge.

Afinia L801 Ink Cartridges – The inks found in the Afinia L801 are VersaPass DG inks. These are vibrant dye-based inks designed for use with Memjet technology.

Afinia L801 Plus Ink Cartridges – The Afinia L801 Plus ink cartridges contain VersaPass DN inks. VersaPass DN inks offer greater resistance to water and UV light.

The same is true of the Afinia L901 and the Afinia L901 Plus color label printers. The Afinia L901 uses Afinia L901 VersaPass DG inks while the Afinia L901 Plus uses VersaPass DN inks which have better UV and water resistance.

As an authorized Afinia reseller, all of the L801 ink cartridges, Memjet print head, maintenance module, and replacement parts listed below are the same as the ones that originally came with your L801 label printer. We also recommend using Wasatch SoftRIP software with your Afinia L801 to better manage your print environment.

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