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Blank Labels - Direct Thermal Labels (No Ribbon Required)

Direct thermal label printers do not require a ribbon, ink or toner to print. Direct thermal labels are heat sensitive, which allows the paper to change color as a result of a chemical reaction when it goes through the printer.

Direct thermal labels should only be used for about six months, making them perfect for temporary use like packaging that can be thrown away, shipping and receiving labels, or fast-selling inventory, but they do require direct thermal label materials formulated for thermal printing. Argon Technology Canada offers a large selection of blank direct thermal label and tag rolls for desktop and industrial direct thermal label printers. We have a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Core Sizes

As you shop for direct thermal labels on Argon Technology Canada’s website, pay attention to core sizes. Most desktop direct thermal printer models use label rolls with a 1-inch to 1.5” core size and a 4-to-5-inch outside roll diameter whereas the larger industrial thermal printer models require 3-inch cores and can hold rolls with an 8-inch outside diameter. An external label rewinder is available for desktop direct thermal label printers, allowing you to use the larger 6-to-8-inch outside diameter direct thermal label rolls.

Mobile printers generally use 0.5” to 0.75” cores.

Fan-folded labels can be fed from the rear of the printer and are usually a good choice if you are printing large quantities of the same size labels. This is helpful because they do not require frequent roll changes.

We have the following type of direct thermal labels available:

  • Flood coated labels – These are generally paper-based direct thermal labels with a solid colour flood coated on the white label material. They areinfused from border to border with dye to ensure an even coat over every part of the label, giving it a single-color background versus the standard white background on most labels.
  • Linerless labels – These are label rolls that do not have any liner, therefore providing more label material and reduced waste.
  • Paper labels – These are standard direct thermal paper-based labels, generally with permanent adhesive.

We generally ship direct thermal label rolls within one business day to customers across Canada.

Direct Thermal Labels for Industrial Barcode Printers

Industrial direct thermal barcode printers accept label rolls with an outer diameter of up to 8 inches. The industrial direct thermal labels we sell come on 3-inch cores and have an outer diameter of up to 8 inches. They come in a variety of label sizes, shapes, and configurations including direct thermal labels with perforations, continuous direct thermal labels, removable direct thermal labels, UPS-style labels, FedEx-style labels with tracking tab, and more.

Direct Thermal Labels for Desktop Barcode Printers

Desktop direct thermal printers accept smaller label rolls than industrial barcode printers. As such, the desktop direct thermal label rolls we sell have a 1-inch core and an outer diameter of up to 4 inches. If you’d like to use larger direct thermal label rolls with a desktop thermal label printer, an optional external rewinder is available that accepts larger label rolls with an outer diameter of 6 to 8 inches.

We have a variety of shapes and sizes as well as both pre-diecut and continuous direct thermal labels. Browse our selection of desktop direct thermal labels.

Direct Thermal Labels for Mobile Barcode Printers

Mobile direct thermal barcode printers accept even smaller label rolls due to their compact size. The mobile direct thermal label rolls we sell have a .75-inch core and a 2-inch outer diameter. Use mobile direct thermal labels for portable label and barcode printing applications. Browse our selection of mobile direct thermal labels.

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