Epson TM-C3400 Inkjet Label Printer Ethernet(Discontinued)

30.00 LBS

Epson TM-C3400 Inkjet Label Printer Ethernet(Discontinued)

If you’re looking to improve your time-management skills, then the Epson TM-C3400 Inkjet is the label printer for you.

This printer ensures that your company is saving time and money by getting you organized. The color-coding option can assist with arranging inventory, labeling folders and tabs can decrease paper-waste and time spent looking for important documents. And the waterproof and colorfast printed labels that the C3400 produces ensure that once you’ve constructed a system that increases your office productivity, that the labels last. Print crisp barcodes that allow for quick and functional scanning and sorting as well as an accurate inventory.

Manage printing costs and output with this in-house time saver so you can focus on increasing business relations and your ever-important bottom line.

Simplify label creations with Epson’s intuitive features including the gap, black mark sensors, paper end sensors and an auto cutting feature.

The convenient and compact C3400 uses a tri-color ink cartridge. And if you require larger label rolls, the C3400 not only offers rear feed but also accepts fan-folded labels. Printing resolution can be selected at the discretion of the user from three options: 360 x 180 DPI, 360 x 360 DPI, and 720 x 360 DPI.

This printer comes in two output options: one with USB alone and one that offers both the USB port and an Ethernet port.

  • Can print on labels from 1.2” to 4.2”
  • Inventory tag creations
  • Labeled color coding
  • Printing for small signage
  • Shelf labeling
  • Auto-cutter durable for up to 1.5 million cuts
  • Automatic nozzle checking system