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Primera CX1000 Laser Digital Color Label Printer

100.00 LBS

The Primera CX1000 Color Laser Label Printer is the Printer For Your Company


If you have ever been frustrated with your label vendor for taking too long or being inflexible with your design, then the CX1000 Color Label Printer by Primera is the label printer for you. Gone are the days of having to order mass quantities of labels when you only need a few, and the days of being unable to tweak your design for just a few labels without ordering hundreds of the new version. You simply insert a roll of die-cut blank labels, apply Primera's user friendly software to manage your design, select a quantity, and press print!

The Primera CX1000 Color Label Printer makes any label printing job cheaper and easier for you to do right out of your own store or office. It is an in-house color label printer which matches your needs and specifications exactly, and allows for changes in those needs at a moment's notice. You can print as many or as few labels as you want to at a time, and the cost per label is cheaper than ordering custom labels from any other vendor. You can also have labels printed instantly, instead of waiting for them to be produced and delivered. 

This is the right printer to purchase whether you have to print five labels or five hundred labels. It is fast (over sixteen feet per minute), automatic, and the finished product will be in front of you before you know it. It is user friendly and does not require much set up, or much tech savvy to figure out how to work the printer with the right labels. The quality stands out as among the best, with its 2400 dpi print quality that produces crystal clear labels. It does not require a certain type of computer, and can print on a variety of different types of label paper.

The CX1000 Color Label Printer, along with the FX1000 Matrix Removal System (a similarly user friendly system that removes the waste label matrix from your Color Label Printer), makes the perfect addition to any business or office. It provides an easy, affordable way to manage your designs and labels for your products such as vitamin bottles or jars, wine bottles, or any other specialty business with label needs. Your company will not be disappointed with this investment!