TM-C3500 Label Rewinder with 3" Core Holder for TM-C3500/TM-C7500/C6000/C6500

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TM-C3500 Label Rewinder with 3" Core Holder for use with Epson TM-C3500/TM-C7500/C6000/C6500/Kiaro and Thermal Printers


The position of the rewinder's tension arm is calibrated as follows:
a) When the printer forwards the media for printing, the tension arm goes down, the device rewinds the media.
b) When the tension arm is in the middle position, the device is idle.
c) When the printer pulls back the media, the tension arm goes up, the device unwinds it.

Core Diameter: 3" Fixed Core Holder
Max Label Width: 5"
Roll Diameter: Max. 10" outside diameter

An external power supply 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V allows an electronic circuit to provide, through the tension arm, the adjustment of the rotation’s speed and rotation’s direction. A 2A fuse is used as protection.