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5 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Thermal Label Printer

5 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Thermal Label Printer

Posted by John Smith on 20th Jul 2019

Thermal Label printers are an important part of your product packaging assembly and your business. However, to keep your thermal label printer running consistently and with high-quality barcode printing, it's also important that you take proper care of your printer.

To help you keep your thermal printer in great shape, we've compiled five simple tips you can use to ensure your thermal printer performs at its best for as long as possible.

1. Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Many business owners refer to their manufacturer's instructions only when there seems to be a problem with the printer. But it's a good idea to read and follow the thermal printer’s manufacturer's instructions when it comes to maintaining your printer, too. By using the proper settings for your applications, you can handle your printer with better care while ensuring high-quality, consistent labels.

2. Keep your thermal printer in an optimal location. The quality of your thermal printer can be affected by dust, heat, and humidity. It's crucial to keep your thermal printer in an area in your office that's free of dust, moisture, and heat.

3. Keep your printer clean. Cleanliness is a vital part of routine thermal printer maintenance. It's what ensures your printer's longevity and quality. Once a week, blow out any accumulated dust in your thermal printer using compressed air. You also want to clean the sensors and rubber platen with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth when changing the label roll or thermal transfer ribbon. Always make sure the printer is completely dry before you use it. You want to remove any adhesive that may of accumulated in the label path.

4. Use approved cleaners. It's recommended to clean your thermal printer using only approved cleaners for your printheads. Hold the printheads from the edges. Avoid touching the printhead element surface while you clean them to prevent damage. If your printheads are worn out, replace them.

5. Avoid damaging the printer with voltage. Most thermal printers have a fuse to prevent voltage damage. However, changes in voltage can affect your printer's screens and sensors. To avoid voltage damage, consider using a voltage regulator or a power bar that has voltage regulator built in is the most popular. During the summer months, there tends to be many electrical surges that can damage the printer circuit board.

Where can I find thermal label printers for my business?

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