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Application of Labels with Quality Finish Help to Distinguish Your Products

Posted by BK on 20th Jul 2020

The appearance of a product can produce a love at first sight impression for the customers and this can be achieved by using brilliant quality of label application with an excellent finish. The packaging specialists and the manufacturers are now looking for reliable, accurate, faster labeling solutions and also looking for ways for reducing labor costs. Though many types of labels are available in the market, the selection of well-designed labels with the right finish and use of a good Label Applicator can help to make a product stand out in the market.

What Does Product Labeling Mean?

In marketing, product labeling remains a key feature. A product well-labeled, allow the customers to know more about an item and such labels convey key information regarding ingredients and use of the product. Such kind of information can be very useful to guide the customers effectively if the labels are designed and applied properly on the products.

There can be a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes for product labels, and the products displayed with labels in the showcase of shops or at the selling point can play a key role. A lot of information can be communicated to customers with the brevity of messages displayed on the labels. Also, the labels can have barcodes printed on it that can be easy for checking the price of products during the checkout process.

The use of product labels can be important for security purposes also to ensure that there is no misuse of the products. Also, the company trademark or logo can be displayed that can convey about the company and establish brands with product labels. The reasons for the instant success of a product and the failure of a product may lie greatly on the choice of product labels.

Types of Product Labels Used in Marketing:

A few important types of labels that are used in marketing are as follows:

  • Branded labels: Branded labels for products can help to identify and establish company brands. These types of labels are needed to be bonded securely to the surface of the products and should suit the product. Branded labels can come as the removable type and non-removable type. When using non- removable type, the bonding needs to be permanent and the label should be able to withstand a lot of extreme conditions. The removable type of product labels are needed to adhere to the products temporarily and can be removed when wanted.
  • Information or Eco-labels: These types of product labels are normally used for consumer products like FMCG or foodstuff.

Important Features to Consider For a Great Product Label

A few important considerations are required to be made for making a good product label. The choice of layout and creating a good design that aligns with the brand objective is the most essential part of creating a good product label. Moreover, choosing the correct size of labels, printer, and applicator can be vital to create a smooth application for labels. Finally, the choice of right finish like UV coating that can last long when applied with right UV Coaters can help distinguish the labels and announce brand presence effectively.