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Argon Technology Corporation: The top choice of thermal transfer labeling

Argon Technology Corporation: The top choice of thermal transfer labeling

Posted by BK on 26th Aug 2020

Argon Technology Corporation is a bright star in the sky of thermal transfer printing. Its unparalleled dedication in lining the very best of thermal transfer printer has assisted it bag tremendous applaud in the industry.

The digital era today has made and is still making various modern processes of business dealings the regular chore of professional world. The incorporation of thermal transfer in lining the printing realm of industrial is a modern day gift to mankind. In direct words, thermal transfer refers to a digital procedure of carrying out printing utilizing the inked ribbon and heat as its two main players. The heating mechanism of the ribbon transfers the ink in it appropriately to a desired medium. Thus it is interesting to note that this procedure can be used to manufacture long-lasting and reasonably durable product labels and retail tags in a convincing manner.

Users can easily avail the ribbons lined with black or other colored inks. The process demands the proper use of thermal label stock and ribbons. Thus transferring texts and barcodes into white tags and labels is no more a tedious deal. Argon Technology Corporation in Canada is super specialist in aiding all the requirements of blank thermal transfer labels. The range of offerings of the company of the same in a wide bundle of colors, size, and shapes has proven to be of immense utility to the professionals. Additionally, the manufacture of tag rolls by the company has also gained immense popularity.

The stock of thermal labels specifically for the thermal transfer printers encompasses the following robust list. Their paper thermal transfer labels can come to a diverse range of applicability. The Polypropylene thermal transfer labels have aced the durability standards complemented with outstanding resistance to scratches and moisture. The synthetic label substance namely polyester thermal transfer labels have a wide range of usability in product and barcode labeling. The Vinyl thermal transfer labels are lined with the feature of great scratch resistance and are popular material for crisp printing utilizing vibrant colors. The UL licensed thermal transfer labels have gained popularity for its proven capability to stick permanently to a range of UL products. The USP of is its flexibility in producing customized labels of varied shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of a wide range of industry demand.

The other very highly celebrated item in the shelf of Argon Technology Corporation’s produce is direct thermal label printers. As the nomenclature suggests these set of printers are not bounded by the constraint of utilizing toner, ink or ribbon to carry out printing activities. These printers are extremely sensitive to thermal reactions. As a result of which it catalysis the paper to alter its color owing to the specific chemical reaction as it passes via the printer. It is crucial to note that the direct transfer labels are ideal for temporary usage, with a span of 6 months being the ideal utility phase. Thus packaging, hot selling inventories, and shipping labels that need to be discarded in sometimes is the ideal match for this kind of printing. introduces varied dimensional and diverse utility labels like Flood coated, Lineless, and paper labels.