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Blank Direct Thermal Labels - Sizes, Printers, and Benefits

Blank Direct Thermal Labels - Sizes, Printers, and Benefits

Posted by BK on 29th Apr 2021

Direct thermal printing technology is a cost-effective solution for label and tag applications, offering both durability and ease of use. Blank direct thermal labels are available in many different sizes to suit the needs of your applications.

What Do You Need to Take Advantage of Direct Thermal Label Printing?

  • direct thermal printer (available in desktop, industrial, and mobile versions)
  • Blank Direct Thermal Labels of the proper size
  • A label and barcode design package such as NiceLabel or BarTender that can be downloaded for free to create labels with barcodes, graphics or text.

There are many different types of printers that use direct thermal technology including Zebra, GoDex, TSC, Datamax, Printronix, Toshiba, and Seiko direct thermal printers, all of which are available from Argon Technology. We also have blank direct thermal labels, and label design software.

How Does Direct Thermal Label Printing Technology Work?

Direct thermal label printing technology uses heat to print the label. This means that there is no need for ink or toner because the label's image is created by heat, not by ink or an electrical current. The image on a direct thermal label appears when heat from the printer’s heated print head causes embedded ink within the direct thermal label to react.

Some of the benefits to this technology include:

  • Low cost per label
  • Ease of use and installation (no power or software needed)
  • Durability with no ink smearing, fading, or running
  • Fast production time
  • No need for ink cartridges
  • Standard sizes of direct thermal labels are available as well as custom sizing options if necessary

Direct Thermal Label Printing Applications

Direct thermal labels are a cost-effective and easy way to print small quantities of labels for a wide variety of applications. We carry blank direct thermal labels in standard and custom sizes for your application needs.

What type of applications can you use a direct thermal label printer for?

  • Labeling of products such as DVD's, CD's, books, baked goods, and more.
  • Labels for shipping boxes or packages.
  • As a part of your labeling system to create barcodes or other images on labels (such as price tags or point-of-sale coupons).
  • Asset labels for items in your warehouse or on the production floor.
  • Labels for asset management and equipment tracking.
  • Labels to identify cables, wires, cords, etc.
  • Medical device labels so that products can be traced back to their source of origin if needed by a regulatory agency such as FDA.

Buying Direct Thermal Labels

Argon Technology has a large selection of direct thermal labels for sale. These labels are compatible with popular direct thermal label printers from Zebra, GoDEX, Honeywell, TSC, Printronix, Toshiba, Datamax, and other manufacturers. Label sizes range from 1.”5 x 1”.5 to 6" x 4", with our most popular being 3" x 2”, 4" x 2”, and 4” x 6”. They come in rolls of varying lengths and outside diameters. Both pre-diecut and continues direct thermal labels are available. We also have fan-folded labels for those running large jobs and who do not want to do frequent roll changes.

Direct thermal printers are a great option for businesses and warehouses that need a low cost and easy way to print small quantities of labels. Since this type of label does not require ink or toner, the only ongoing cost is the direct thermal labels themselves, which you would need regardless of the underlying print technology. There are many different types and sizes of direct thermal labels available in our store. Plus, if you can’t find the right size, material, or configuration, we can make custom direct thermal labels upon request.