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Bring New Life to Prints with Color and Applicators

Posted by BK on 5th Aug 2020

Color can influence, attract, and also increase retention, and color print can be a very powerful means to improve business effectiveness. The ideas of a company can be established by using color properly in the printed materials, business cards, souvenirs, catalogs, etc. Printing by using color can be very vivid, to communicate and read the messages, to understand as well as to remember the information.

For increasing brand awareness, the use of color print can be pivotal, and the shopping behavior of consumers can also be influenced positively in favor of a buying decision with color labels in the packages. Studies reveal that brand recognition gets easier for customers by relating the color of a product with a company. Differences in the quality and appearance of colors can even trigger the preference of a customer over another brand.

The increasing popularity of color prints has led to the preference for the industries to look for a quality color printer. Among several color printers available in the market, Epson ColorWorks c6500 can easily produce the best result for color printing. The digital, on-demand CW-C6500 series of ColorWorks opens a lot of exciting opportunities that businesses can leverage to get the best result across various sectors like chemical, food, beverages, manufacturing, etc.

Benefits of Using Colorworks C6500 Series

A few important advantages of using such a versatile, powerful color printer are as follows:

  • Flexible features: There are a lot of exclusive features designed for providing creative and practical solutions. From 25.4 mm to 215 mm media width is supported by such printer and the printer is also capable to include textured paper. From tiny to large types of durable labels can be printed by such printer and printing for any shape is possible due to movable sensor solutions.
  • Compact as well as easy for using: ColorWorks CW-C6500 series printers are designed in a very user-friendly way and every operation in such a printer can be carried out from the front. So there can be a lot of saving of operation space and replacement of the roll is also possible from right, left and front. The technical tools can help to configure, manage as well as maintain that includes management of printer fleet, web interface, as well as remote configuration.
  • Excellent quality of print: The high-quality CW-6500 label printer produces high-resolution prints and the four-color output of print is standard. There is a color matching option also that can help to produce on-demand, impactful, and impressive color labels.
  • Possibility of easy integration: ColorWorks CW-C6500 series printers can be easily integrated with Label Applicator and can work very efficiently. With such a facility of seamless integration, businesses can reap rich benefits and can leverage the tremendous potential of such printers.

The new C6500 series of label printers are highly suitable for producing the best results in demanding applications and the quality of print has revolutionized both color label as well as monochromatic printing. With the extremely rugged construction and enhanced productivity, such printers can prove to be assets for a business and can reduce the cost of operation to a large extent.