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Choice of Thermal Printer and Label Rewinders & Unwinders Can Differentiate Label Print Quality

Posted by BK on 11th Jul 2020

It can be fascinating to notice the colorful, creative pieces of paper or similar material attached or pasted on products. These are labels that bring the right information about a brand and convey product information in a meaningful way. With an excellent quality of print from thermal label printers an unique appeal for products can be established easily.

Why Choose a Thermal Label Printer?

Designed optimally to produce highly reliable and quality label printing, the thermal printers can be ideal for label printing. Moreover, with a thermal printer, it is possible to print a large number of labels very quickly. Besides, the thermal images come with high density and can define the design and content clearly. When printing in a thermal printer is made with the right quality of thermal label paper or ribbon depending on the type of thermal printer, a very durable and good quality print can be achieved.

Advantages of Using Thermal Printers

Such types of printers can be very useful for businesses that require to print labels of high volume particularly long-life labels such as barcodes. Also, the thermal printers are useful in creating high-resolution in labels in a very short time. Moreover, such printers are sturdier than conventional printers and require less maintenance.

Retailers also can use such printers to print shipping labels quickly to meet the increased demand during holidays. The thermal stickers are more durable than conventional labels and don’t get dirty or wet. Moreover, the labels printed in thermal printers do not get peeled off and there are no jamming issues faced in such printers.

Why Need a Good Quality Label Rewinder and Unwinder?

The label rewinders and unwinders are accessories used in printing labels and can help to improve the label printing operations’ efficiency. This is achieved by allowing printing easily from a roll to another roll. When such label rewinders and unwinders are used, printing can be continued without interruptions unattended.

During a printing process, the label rewinders can allow to wind up the labels automatically on a roll. The label rewinder gathers the printed labels coming out of the thermal printer, on a roll. If there is no label rewinder, the labels will have to be collected by hand that can be a very time consuming and labor-intensive process. By installing a label rewinder to a thermal label printer, you can save a lot with an increase in productivity as well as the quality of printing.

Along with the installation of good quality of label rewinder to a thermal label printer, the installation of a label unwinder can further improve the printing efficiency. Label unwinders are very convenient to place behind label printer and facilitate easy unwinding of labels and feeding to a label printer. You may be able to purchase larger rolls of labels that can be a very economic way of printing when you place a label unwinder behind the thermal label printer.

Further, with such accessories, you will not need to change the rolls frequently and can continue printing to meet any demand easily.