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Choose the right label printer for business needs

Choose the right label printer for business needs

Posted by Admin on 20th Aug 2021

Printing requirements differ by industry, yet they are always the same. Because of their price and accessibility, direct thermal printer labels are in high demand in the industry. Argon Technology Canadahas a wide variety of printer labels to suit any business need.

There are no ribbons, ink, or toner to deal with when printing with a direct thermal printer label. Chemical interactions, heat sensitive direct thermal labels allow the paper to change color as it passes through the printer. Keep the core sizes in mind when searching for direct thermal labels on Argon Technology Canada's website.

Label rolls with a 1-inch to 1.5-inch core size and a 4-to-5-inch outside roll diameter are used in practically all desktop direct thermal printers, whereas industrial thermal printers require 3-inch cores and can handle rolls up to 8 inches in diameter. For desktop direct thermal label printers, an external label rewinder is offered, allowing you to use the larger 6-to-8-inch outer diameter direct thermal label rolls. Cores ranging from 0.5” to 0.75” are commonly utilized in mobile printers.

Different types of direct thermal labels

  • Flood coated labels - These paper-based direct thermal labels have a solid color flood coating on the white label substrate. They're colored from border to border to ensure an even coat across the entire label, rather than the standard white backdrop seen on most labels.
  • Paper labels - These are typically basic direct thermal paper-based labels with a long-lasting adhesive in most circumstances.
  • Linerless labels - These label rolls have no liner, allowing for more label material and less waste.

For high-quality, long-lasting label printing, the Epson GP-C831 Label is the first inkjet printer to be BS5609-certified. Because it can print a large number of labels and barcodes fast and at a lower cost of ownership than comparable thermal and laser printers, the C831 is ideal for helping small businesses prosper. With the ColorWorks printer, you may print on a variety of die-cut materials.

These direct thermal labels are available in a variety of sizes for industrial, desktop, and mobile barcode printers. You can browse the website's collections to choose one that works best.