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Choosing Between Laser and Thermal Printer

Choosing Between Laser and Thermal Printer

Posted by Admin on 18th Sep 2021

Isn't it true that if a printer can print in black and white, it can produce a nice barcode?


There are a variety of printing methods available, but none of them offer a one-size-fits-all answer. They are built to fulfil certain requirements, such as picture quality, speed, and print medium kinds. You wouldn't print photographs on a dot matrix printer, and you wouldn't print black-and-white papers on a photo printer. Match the printer to the project, not the other way around, when you have a constant volume of special purpose printing. The Epson Label Printers are trusted for all commercial purposes and comes with coloured options.

Thermal label printer from Argon Technology Canada has been widely used for printing shipping labels, payment vouchers, receipts, purchase orders, and much more.

If you've been using your laser printer as a barcode printer because you didn't want to spend the money on a thermal printer or didn't know the difference, here are some things to think about:

  • It's more convenient

Unless your laser printer has a label tray, you'll generally need to change the medium while printing barcode labels. You'll also have to walk over to the laser printer to change the tray or load the labels unless it's right next to your workstation. If you share the printer with other users, you must ensure that their papers do not print on your labels. You may print any number at once using a thermal printer devoted to barcode labels.

  • Media use should be improved

A laser printer can print one or two barcode labels at a time, but the labels must be printed on a sheet. After the labels are produced, you must remember which ones were printed in order to begin the next print job, which adds time consumption. Because it is intended to handle label rolls and fan-folded, perforated stacks rather than sheets, a thermal printer can create any amount of labels you require—one or thousands at a time. Neuralabel Label Printers is one of the trusted sources.

  • Adhesive build-up

This is a term used to describe the accumulation of adhesive. Because a thermal printer is intended to print labels, it can handle adhesives without causing build-up. Standard documents are printed with a laser printer. When printing labels, the glue might gather within the printer, resulting in greater maintenance expenses, such as additional cleanings and repairs.