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Colour psychology to understand for your labels

Posted by Admin on 23rd Jul 2021

Many people feel that while developing a product's label, colour psychology is an important component to consider. Color experts believe that colours have the capacity to deliver signals to customers by influencing their emotions through a beautiful label. When colour psychology is used properly, organisations can get a competitive advantage in the visual market. Colors, according to the experts, have the potential to elicit various emotions in customers. When designing a bespoke label, we want to choose colours that complement the brand's image.

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While designing and printing, here's what you need to keep in mind about colours -

  • Green represents joy and relaxation. Green is a colour that represents nature and the environment. It has the ability to lower blood pressure as well.
  • White is calming, complementing, and fresh.
  • White also has a way of making people feel safe.
  • Stability and wisdom are represented by the colour black.
  • Black conveys elegance and sophistication.
  • Blue is the colour of creativity and joy.
  • Blue tones enhance trust and dependability.
  • Orange is the colour of vitality, hunger, adventure and strong sense of self-assurance.

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