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Digital Printing and Personalization - A Perfect Match for the new age business

Digital Printing and Personalization - A Perfect Match for the new age business

Posted by Admin on 18th Sep 2021

Everywhere you turn these days, you can find “personalized” things ranging from coffee mugs to tee-shirts and everything in between. Personalization is feasible – and inexpensive – thanks to advanced technical developments, which range from bespoke product labels of every other day to day product you can think of. The Epson GP-C831 Label from Argon Technology Canada can help to create such personalized labels.

The product label printing industry is a good example of these phenomena. We can print several "versions" of your labels in the same print run thanks to our usage of the newest high-tech digital printing machines – even if the artwork is entirely different. The sole stipulation is that all versions must share the same fundamental features, such as material, size, and form.

If you have four distinct kinds of sandwich spread, for example, you might create four separate labels with photo-quality photos to depict each taste (raspberry, strawberry, grape, and orange), making your items much more appealing to shoppers. We can print those tastes together utilizing our digital technology, with no press changes, no costly printing plates, infinite colors at no extra price, and far more inexpensively than previous printing methods could.

Personalization may help merchants appeal to their customers' likes and preferences. It can also assist to foster client loyalty or "stickiness" by forging a personal bond with them.

Direct Thermal printer labels employs advanced high-tech digital printing presses and laser-based cutting finishing equipment to create gorgeous picture-perfect labels that will appeal to your end consumer. Personalization and digital printing are inextricably linked and are here to stay. So let your imagination go wild and make a statement! There is exceptional demand of these color printer labels as they do not require ribbons, ink, or toner. Also, the heat sensitive direct thermal labels allow the paper to change color as it travels through the printer due to chemical reactions. All you have to do is find the right core and order it to get the label printer ordered.

The C831 is perfect for helping small companies succeed since it can print a large quantity of labels and barcodes quickly and at a cheaper cost of ownership than comparable thermal and laser printers. You may print on a number of die-cut materials with the ColorWorks printer.