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Distinguish Products with Vibrant Colors in Prints and Perfect Application of Labels

Distinguish Products with Vibrant Colors in Prints and Perfect Application of Labels

Posted by Admin on 11th Sep 2020

People love color and brand owners know the importance of using color in products to increase customer engagement. The quality and consistency of color prints remains a strategic weapon for a business to stay ahead. To get consistency in your color prints, it is highly essential to get an excellent color printer like epson colorworks c6500.

The consistency in colored prints is seriously challenged with the availability of cheap printers and bad quality of color cartridges. Consumers being very sensitive to colors, companies need to make serious efforts to ensure that products are printed with a good printer. Here you can find more about the Epson C6500 printer that will help you to have a fair understanding of the reason for the selection of such printer.

Features and Advantages of Epson C6500 Printer

Epson C6500 series printers have been typically engineered to meet high demanding applications. The printer has revolutionized the printing of both color labels as well as monochrome and comes with rugged reliability. Also, the printer can deliver commercial, dependable inkjet printing that comes with highly durable ink and fast-drying ability.

With the evolving technology, it has become essential for the brand owners to accept the latest developments that are taking place in color prints. Such printers can also enhance the productivity of a business easily and can offer a reduction of inventory as well as cost. Few crucial advantages of using the Epson C6500 printer are as follows:

  • Easy and compact for use: The printer is highly user-friendly and it is possible to carry out all work from the front side that can help to save a lot of operating space. Few technical tools can configure and maintain as well manage that includes printer fleet management, also.
  • Excellent quality of print: The printer comes with high-quality four-color print output as well as color matching ability. It helps in producing impactful, impressive, and on-demand prints for making excellent color labels. The printer produces high resolution (1200x1200 dpi) prints as well as comes with an auto-cutter.
  • Can be easily integrated: The printers can be easily integrated with SAP, Linux, major middleware, Mac, as well as ZPL II.

Why Use an Applicator for Fixing Labels?

A Label Applicator is highly useful in applying labels to products very quickly, easily, and consistently. Label application by hand is a tedious and slow process and can result in damaged and wrinkled as well as crooked labels. Further, there can be a lot of unnecessary wastage of labels with the manual application of labels and all such factors combinedly can make the high cost of operation in manual labeling.

The use of such a label application system is very easy. You need to place the printed roll of a label in an applicator, and after threading the labels and placing the product in a proper place, the applicator can be used. It can very quickly apply the labels on the products that will maintain a wrinkle-free as well as crease-free smooth label transforming the look of the products.