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Embrace the Breakthrough Advancements of Epson Colorworks Innovative Printers

Embrace the Breakthrough Advancements of Epson Colorworks Innovative Printers

Posted by Admin on 17th Nov 2020

The rapid pace of development in technology has been instrumental in changing several established ways of accomplishing tasks. The phenomenon has impacted the printing industry too where innovations have been taking place rapidly and businesses are fast embracing such improved technologies to remain competitive. Among the recent innovations brought in printing technology, Epson ClorWorks c6500 comes with an excellent offer of high-speed inkjet printing with outstanding quality.

Advancement in Printing with Digital Inkjet Printers

Though offset printing had been an industry standard for a long time, the longer workflow process has remained the cause for a decline in its market demand. Further, the offset printing was not cost-effective, and the faster, reliable, and economical industrial inkjet printers, capable of producing high-quality prints are replacing off-set printing very fast. The professional-grade inkjet printers can produce text printing to the range of even 4,000 words per minute and offer high speed for graphics and images too.

Apart from being faster, the innovation in digital printing technology also render designs that are much complex to produce by conventional print methods of earlier times. Further, at present, it is possible to print on different surface finishes and such creative printers offer infinite possibilities. Improved software for graphic design is now introduced in advanced inkjet printers of renowned companies like Epson.

With the help of such software, it is possible to achieve easier workflows, as well as improved file compatibility. Even in two-dimensional printing, the process has become more cost-effective than before, due to added flexibility available in the recent design software. The immense possibilities offered by the software workflows have led to the steady decline of the offset and media printing machines.

Features of Epson C6500

The Epson 6500 printer is an innovation in printing technology delivering dependable industrial inkjet printing with durable and fast-drying color inks. The printer offers enhanced productivity and offers inventory and cost reduction compared to the use of pre-printed labels. Besides, Epson C6500 is a high-quality peel and present wide-format inkjet label printer having 4-color labels capable to produce on-demand prints up to 8” wide and at a high-speed of 5” per second.

The major features of Epson 6500, the world’s first peeler-equipped inkjet printer, can be summed up as follows:

  • Extremely easy operation and applying of the label can be made much simpler and easier with Label Applicator, ideal for use in print and application installations. Excellent external interface allowing to link with external devices precisely.
  • The easy-load spindle design allows quick change of spindles between label sizes.
  • The design is of the printer can save a lot of space and can be installed in various environments seamlessly.
  • The rear face down allowing loading of papers easily and with 360-degree accessibility makes it easy for performing printer operation from all sides.
  • The status of the printer can be easily checked with the installed 2.7-inch color LCD.
  • High volume ink cartridge allows for a longer operation period.
  • Easy accessibility of ink cartridge replacement from all sides is possible.
  • Integration with a wide range of networks like Mac driver, windows driver, SAP driver, Linux driver, Middleware Native driver, Legacy System is possible.
  • The consistent and superior print is possible with the Precision Core TFP printhead.
  • Settings can be changed easily from various web browsers operating on several OSs.