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Expert tips to consider when choosing label solution

Expert tips to consider when choosing label solution

Posted by Admin on 18th Sep 2021

Choosing a printing and labeling solution appears to be a daunting task. However, choosing the right printing solution for your labeling requirements may save you thousands of dollars in terms of time and inventory management.

When you collaborate with Argon Technology Canada, you will be able to determine your supply and media requirements. After that, you can take the right solution plan that's suited to your company's specific goals. To discover a high-quality label solution for your needs, consider the following aspects -

  • Product Mobility

Examine where your items spend the most of their time. Identifying your product's day-to-day operations can assist you in determining the type of label material and mobile printing solution you require. If your items will be exposed to the elements, you should consider using thermal transfer synthetic material. When it's time to transfer items again, this provides durability and flexibility. Direct thermal labels, on the other hand, are best for indoor items.

  • Environmental Needs

Consider not only where the items are, but also what is going on in the surrounding area. Environmental factors play an important part in identifying the best solutions for your specific needs. Label adhesion is critical, because excessively hot or low temperatures can impair the label's effectiveness. If labels are applied above 25°F and moved to temperatures between 65°F and 200°F, standard materials are okay. For temperatures outside of these limits, you'll require thermal transfer supplies and potentially a special adhesive available with Epson LabelWorks PX Printers.

  • Lifespan

The optimum label solution will be determined by the label's expected lifespan as well as the aforementioned environmental variables. If your labels will be utilised for less than six months in normal temperatures and in a dry environment, direct thermal material is the best choice. You'll need specific thermal transfer colour label printers if you're dealing with severe temperatures, strong chemicals, or dampness.

  • Surface Type to Label

Labels and label adhesive are not all made equal. What is the ideal label option for you depends on the surface material. Don't overlook the shape and kind of the surface. If your selected solution isn't quite the "perfect fit," you could wind yourself spending extra.

  • Printer and Label Quality

If your labels must be printed within a specific time frame, make this a priority. Print speeds are strongly linked to the label material you select. If you wish to print quickly, raise the darkness to ensure good barcode quality. Because print darkness should be high at faster print speeds, using better-grade ribbons consumes more energy and ink.