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Follow nature to select the right color for printing

Follow nature to select the right color for printing

Posted by Admin on 20th Aug 2021

It can take a lifetime to master color in commercial printing or, in this case, marketing. What factors do you consider while choosing colors for a marketing brochure? What combinations of colors will be the most emotionally evocative?

How Is Color Created?

To begin with, color is a result of light and eyesight. Color does not exist in the dark, and it does not exist until the rods and cones in your eye interact with it. The rods help you see items in low light, while the cones assist you distinguish color.

There are two techniques to create color using RGB and CMYK. One has to do with light. The other method is to use pigment (paint, printing).

Why Is Color Powerful for Marketing?

Different colors evoke different emotions in us. Surprisingly, this is frequently peculiar to a certain culture (i.e., different from culture to culture). Colors elicit strong emotions, which are frequently linked to the hue's characteristic of warmth or coolness. When developing promotional materials, a competent marketing designer makes it a point to be aware of the audience's associations of color with emotion (which vary by culture) and to use this information to persuade them.

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There are six colors when the primary and secondary’s are listed on the color wheel, with the secondary colors being a blend of the primaries. You can also add tertiary colors, which are combinations of one main and one secondary color (yellow mixed with green makes yellow-green, for instance). is also the ideal one-stop shop for all of your Primera ink cartridge needs. Original ink and toner cartridges are obtainable for Primera Technology color label printers including the LX200, LX400, LX500, LX500c, RX500, LX800, LX810, LX900, LX910, LX1000, LX2000, CX1000, and CX1200, as well as discontinued Primera label printers like the LX800, LX810, LX900, LX910, LX1000.

Pay attention to the colors that go together in nature to create your marketing labels interesting and captivating. The right ink with the quality print of label can definitely add value to your branding.