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Four Common Types of Commercial Printing

Four Common Types of Commercial Printing

Posted by Admin on 20th Aug 2021

Businesses would be unable to distinguish themselves from the competition if there was just one type of printing technology. Fortunately for you, print is surviving in this technologically evolved environment, which is wonderful news for commercial products you produce. What are the many sorts of commercial printing, though?

Commercial printing refers to the printing of business materials such as brochures and booklets. However, there are other types, each of which serves a particular purpose. We'll look at several distinct sorts of commercial printing:

  • Digital
  • Large Format
  • Offset Lithography
  • LED UV

Thermal label printers from Argon Technology Canadacan print barcodes, receipts, purchase orders, shipping labels, payment vouchers, food and deli service labels, and more. Thermal label printers are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with the following being the most popular commercial options:

Direct thermal label printers print black directly onto direct thermal label paper without the use of a ribbon, ink, or toner.

Thermal transfer label printers - These print labels with a ribbon and can be black or colored. The printhead heats the ribbon, which transfers the color to the label.

Offset Lithography

Businesses employ this commercial printing technology for a wide selection, including books, newspapers, flyers, and stationery.


Digital printing is perfect for firms that want short runs and personalization, and it offers a fun way to experiment with commercial print. The compact thermal label printers are the ideal choice for use at the point of sale or anywhere else which requires regular label printing.

Large Format

When you need to create a big impression, large format commercial printing is the way to go. Wide format printing, display printing, and point-of-sale printing are other terms for the same thing. Businesses may have designs printed on virtually any material in almost any size with this technology.


LED UV printing by businesses is becoming a common pick for the best quality imaginable, as it helps make an all powerful first impression.

Epson label printers are distinct in that they each have their own set of features and benefits that help you operate your business more efficiently. You may print your own labels in-house and on-demand using NeuraLabel Label Printers. You'll be prepared to respond and economically to your business labeling needs, whether your product line involves food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, or chemicals that require compliant labels.