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Get Commercial Printing Purposes

Get Commercial Printing Purposes

Posted by Admin on 23rd Jul 2021

Argon Technology Corporation Canada's thermal label printers can print barcodes, receipts, purchase orders, shipping labels, payment vouchers, food and deli service labels, and other items. Thermal label printers come in a variety of shapes and sizes of which the most popular commercial choices are -

Direct thermal label printers—without the use of a ribbon, ink, or toner, they print black straight onto direct thermal label paper.

Thermal transfer label printers – These use a ribbon to produce labels, which can be black or coloured. The printhead heats the ribbon, causing the color to transfer to the label.

There are some subtypes of thermal printers, such as —

Mobile thermal printers - Professionals who need to label patch panels, mark wires, and label objects at multiple job sites or across a large workplace can benefit from mobile thermal printers. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, on-board memory, renewable battery packs, and application-specific hot buttons are all included.

Desktop thermal printers Desktop thermal printers have a compact footprint, making them excellent for use in offices, point-of-sale terminals, mailrooms, small manufacturing lines, laboratories, and other areas with limited space.

  • Industrial thermal printers – For high-speed, big, and/or flexible packaging requirements, industrial thermal printers provide the quality and performance that organisations expect.
  • RFID thermal printers — RFID thermal printers print and encode RFID labels in one pass, featuring thermal label and barcode printing capabilities as well as RFID encoding built-in.

The compact thermal label printers are perfect for use at the point of sale or anywhere else where labels are needed. The widths range from two to four inches. Whether you need to print barcodes, shipping paperwork, or heat transfers, we offer thermal label printers in stock and ready to ship across Canada.

Epson label printers are unique in that they each have unique features and benefits that make running your business easier, such as:

  • Windows drivers
  • a one-year basic warranty
  • full-capacity ink cartridges that can be utilised for a range of activities
  • sturdiness and endurance
  • available with USB ports and ethernet connections

With NeuraLabel Label Printers, you can print your own labels in-house and on-demand. Whether your product line contains food, cosmetics, medical equipment, or chemicals that demand compliant labels, you'll be able to respond quickly and efficiently to your business labeling demands. You may now print the labels you require as needed, saving both time and money.