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Get Great Results with Super Productive EPSON C-6500 Printer and Cartridges

Get Great Results with Super Productive EPSON C-6500 Printer and Cartridges

Posted by Admin on 17th Nov 2020

Epson C-6500 printer can be the right choice for you if you are looking for a highly productive and cost-effective printer. Packed with a lot of benefits, the new exiting printer can perform superior quality label printing at high speed that enhances workflow productivity immensely. Also, personalized label printing for the candle, vodka bottles, and many more is possible to achieve for craft businesses by Epson C6500 Labels printers.

Features and Applications of Epson-C6500 Printer

The Epson C6500 printer comes in two variants that are CW-6500Pe and CW-6500Ae, one comes with a peeler option built-in and the other has an auto-cutter option. Both the printers utilize the Precision Core advanced print technology of Epson and use high-quality pigment ink cartridges that enable them to have long-lasting, and superior print quality. The key features and application of the Epson C65oo printer are described in the following paragraphs.

Main Features

  • Built-in Peeler: The built-in peeler in the Epson C6500 printer allows removing the backing paper automatically making label printing much easier. Such a feature is best for printing and applying a job for many environments like box labeling, logistics, etc.
  • Printing High-quality Prints: High-resolution (1200 dpi), vibrant label prints with possibilities of color matching make Epson C6500 printer unique.
  • Durable Quality of Inks: Printing smooth quality durable labels is possible to achieve with variable size droplet technology as well as ultra-chrome DL pigment ink allows accurate printing.
  • Media Flexibility: Various shapes of printing ranging from 25 mm to215 mmis possible in the matte, glossy and textured substrate.
  • High-Speed: Substantial increase in productivity is possible to achieve with a high printing speed of 5 inches per second.
  • LCD Display: There is an intuitive color screen, 2.7 inches in size, giving all relevant information for instant checking of the printer status.

Further, the C6500 printer can be easily integrated with a vast range of systems, and the printer offers cost-effective printing comparable to thermal transfer printing. Epson C6500 series models are extremely easy to use since all operations of the printer can be done from the front side. Moreover, the replacement of ink cartridges is very simple, and choosing an Epson ink cartridge will be a much better option than cheap ink toner and cartridges.

Further, as the status of the ink level and the printer is displayed, the operation can be run uninterrupted by taking action at the correct time. The system can be connected easily through ESC label or direct SAP support and web interface through Ethernet or USB that allows management and maintenance of the device in a network. The remote management possibility of the printer makes it suitable for managing a large fleet of printers. Customized label designs and templates can be managed easily with the help of suitable software in such a printer.

Applications of C6500 Printer

A wide array of possibilities is opened by the Epson C6500 label printer for small-scale to medium-scale businesses to exceed customer expectations along with cost-effective printing. A few crucial applications that the C6500 printer offers are as follows.

  • Food and beverage sectors
  • Pet shops
  • Chemical labeling
  • Box labeling
  • Product labeling
  • Cosmetics
  • Logistics
  • Tea and Coffee Labels
  • Horticulture
  • Vape Shops
  • Print and Apply