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Key points for printing labels of RTD

Key points for printing labels of RTD

Posted by Admin on 19th Sep 2021

Beer labels and dampness don't get along. Of course, in an industry where cans and bottles are always wet, this is a big issue. Moisture is a constant threat to beer packaging, from fill lines to beer refrigerators. The notion of waterproof beer labels appeals to me because of the continual possibility of label failure.

While a completely waterproof label is impossible to achieve, all hope is not lost. You can make your beer label as moisture-resistant as possible in a number of ways. And, the first step is to get the right label printer from Let's look at what you can do to keep your beer labels safe from water and other hazards.

When it comes to creating a “waterproof” beer can or bottle label, each component of the label must be designed for success. Every label is made up of many layers, each of which contributes to the label's water resistance. As a result, before investing in bespoke beer labels, it's necessary to think about a few things.

  • Material selection

Paper and film are the two most common forms of label materials. While paper isn't going to produce a waterproof beer label, films are far more water resistant. Because films like biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) don't absorb water, they're less likely to break when exposed to water, oil, or other moist substances. The Primera Ink Cartridges can print on them.

  • Adhesives

The choice of adhesive is a key stumbling block for beer labels. If your beer label won't stick to your container, it doesn't matter how water resistant your material is. That's why finding a moisture-resistant label adhesive that's suited to your specific demands is critical.

  • Release liners

It's crucial to remember how your beer label ends up on your container. The release liner is a thin layer that holds your labels in place until they're ready to be applied. Even if the release liner is removed prior to application, it still has to be water resistant to ensure that your label reaches its intended location. When running through the machine with a wet beer can or bottle, the paper release liners may rip. A film release liner, like your label material, will provide extra water resistance to aid in the application process.

  • Print protection

Every label from Epson Ink Cartridges might benefit from a little more protection. Lamination and varnishes, for example, are meant to protect your beer label from a number of elements, including water.