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Know the Benefits of using Epson C6500 Labels

Know the Benefits of using Epson C6500 Labels

Posted by Admin on 21st Dec 2020

The C6500 8-inch colour label printer is adequate for uncertain tag output of lesser to medium-sized print percentages. Both little and huge tags with an outlet width of around 215.9 mm can be generated with the printer in great quality.

The Epson C6500 is an outstanding performing industrial printer that has a plug-and-play outcome that gives strong colour labels at an identical rate to black-only thermal transfer labels and is adequate for deployment in severe industrial settings. The C6500 creates high-gloss and high-quality pictures printed on labels that complement the developments and can improve productivity while curtailing expenses correlated to pre-printed labeling treatments.

Reasonable, Flexible Industrial Colour Printing

The Epson C6500 Labels Printer brings in it easy to combine colour label printing with your prevailing solutions, along with accelerating productivity. The printer gives a print of about 8.34 inches in width, which is suitable for printing 6-in. It delivers disseminate solutions of around 1200 by 1200 dpi.

That immediate, on-demand throughput assists in improving productivity, while also eradicating the shortage to organize pre-printed colour labels. Customers also get durable tone printing without the headaches and conflicts of head alternates and other workflow pauses.


Epson engineered it to meet the demand for this incredible application, supported by industry-leading assistance and backing.

Spontaneous usability of the label printers

All prototypes of the ColorWorks sequel are very simple to operate, as the operating methods are accomplished on the veneer of the appliance. The colour collection exhibits ink statuses and printer level, while the ink ribbons can be altered on the flanks of the printer.

The model- C6500 can be combined into nearly any appliance. The network connection of the C6500 is handily attained via candid SAP backing or ESC Label. The printer is also consistent with accessible Windows, like-Linux, and Mac drivers. Ethernet is accessible for controlling and retaining the appliances in a system. BarTender software or NiceLabel software can be used to control and customize label layouts and templates.

Improves Productivity

Eliminates the necessity to pre-print; pace up to 5-inches per second.

Low Cost

Comparable to prevailing thermal transfer printers!

Transfer Printers – Designed with identical dealing abilities, momentum, features, and connectivity selections, all at a comparable rate level.

Auto Cutter

With an 8" built-in auto blade coating the entire range of label lengths to establish variable-length tags and facilitate simple chore rift, these new ColorWorks prototypes give expense and stock deductions correlated to the usage of the pre-printed lab.

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