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Product review of the Epson colorwork c6500

Product review of the Epson colorwork c6500

Posted by Admin on 12th Jan 2021

Are you looking for a color label printer but do not want an additional label applicator? Well, you have found just the right product for yourself. Epson color works c6500 is the best product for you in that case.

Let us explore more about this colour label printer.

Epson Colorworks C6500

The Epson C6500A is a label printer based on pigment technology that utilizes four individual cartridges to obtain the full-color labels. It is rated to produce a resolution of 1200 X 1200 and can produce a variety of gradients.

It also possesses the ZPL II capabilities that give it the advantage of inkjet technology with reprogramming the entire existing setup. You can even add label command extensions to the system. In order to improve the brand's business and image, you can even print color-coded fields, logos, product pictures, and messages for your marketing campaign.

Benefits of Epson CW-C6500A Printers

The printer is in great demand due to its ability to produce smudge-free labels. The several benefits of these printers are:

  • Peel and present

This feature increases the efficiency of the entire process of the on-demands labels. It can function with fully automated solutions for label application.

  • Presence of remote management tools

These printers have been specially designed for large scale environments. They have a wide range of management tools that can be used remotely and allows IT and support teams to monitor the status.

  • Presence of a General-purpose input-output port

All of the Epson CW printers have available I/O ports. This allows the automation developers to integrate the printer into their workflow seamlessly.

Cost of Maintenance

The ongoing costs you need to bear when you go for these printers are the cost of label rolls and ink cartridges, which come with the maintenance box to store the wasted ink. The label rolls for these printers are compatible with sizes up to 8 inches in OD while 3 inches in the core.

Benefits of Integrating the Epson CW printers in the Business

The Epson CW printers provide the following benefits for the business settings that wish to incorporate the product:

  • Low costs- They are cost-effective and have a price comparable to the existing thermal transfer printers.
  • Remote printer management- One can manage the large fleets of work over the remote network that it provides
  • Seamless integration- The printer is compatible with the ZPL II technology, SAP, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • High quality, as well as Durable labels- These printers meet the certification of BS 5609
  • Applicator input-output port for completely automated workflow- you can seamlessly integrate them with any form of workflow with I/O commands.

Epson CW-C6500 is a great choice for large-scale enterprises and enterprises that are willing to set up their printing services. If you are looking for these printers in Canada, you must visit Argon Technology Corporation. We have the best prices for these printers. We provide the the best price for all your products.